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Hay and Custom Feed Milling


Hay is locally grown Coastal Bermuda or Bermuda Mix. All bales are horse quality hay and have been picked up immediately out of the field and shelter kept. Price will vary depending on what I had to pay for the bales.  The size and weight will vary depending on the time of cutting. I have several growers I buy from; some have larger bales then others. I can’t promise I'll have any to spare but if you need some give me a call. I'll help if I can. 





I have a portable hammer mill and mixer that I use to make my own feed and have been doing so for the past 4 years. I'm not interested in selling my feed or ingredients. If you would like for me to mill and mix your feed you will need to bring your own ingredients and containers to off load the mill. I charge $35 to run the mill.

For  hay or custom milling call Teresa

at 252-331-3520

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