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Owner/Operator Teresa Hurdle has 35 years of experience and lives onsite. Carrie on Corral was named after Teresa’s first horse Carrie.  Carrie lived to be 38 and had one foal Booger who is now 23 and still lives here on the ranch.

Carrie’s inability to get up on her own due to severe arthritis coupled with blindness, the difficult and painful decision was made on a warm sunny spring day full of love, and being pampered and spoiled.  Carrie went peacefully and rests now in the southern pasture.

Carrie on Corral is small secluded horse ranch, 10 horses is the maximum.  We encourage and help one another, being more of a family than just having boarders. We sometimes have small cook outs at the barn or we may all load up and hit the trails or river together.

Jonathan Stevenson is the farrier we use, but you are welcome to use any farrier you like as well as any vet you like. We have done business with Coastal, Dominion and the Oaks. We have a good standing with them all. We communicate with each other when vet and farrier are coming so everyone can take advantage and split farm calls. We also host clinics for vaccines, coggins and floats to help reduce cost for our family.

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