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BOARDING OPTIONS:​  10 stalls 10 horse maximum.


All options Stable provides hay. Horses have free choice to hay, pasture, stalls and water 24/7 and fed 2x daily. Blanketed when needed.

FULL BOARD: $300/month/horse. Stable provides feed and feeds your horse(s). No barn duties required, other than you clean up after yourself and your horse. Owner provide supplements if needed.​


BASIC BOARD: $260/month/horse:  Owner provides feed and supplements.  No barn duties required, other than you clean up after yourself and your horse. 

WORKING option (1) $200 Stable will provide FEED for your horse(s) you must provide supplements if needed 

WORKING option (2) $160 Owner provides feed and/or supplements.


Work consist of feeding horses, cleaning stalls, feed corrals and fill water at least 2 x a week in the winter and 4x a week in the summer. Water troughs need to be dumped and cleaned and refilled as needed. You will be expected to observe each horse for sickness or injuries. In my absence you may need to plan on feeding everyday at least once a day.

Working option may include repairs and upkeep of horse trailers, equipment and facilities.

Please note:  Failure to fulfill the requirement of the working option will cause board to go up to full or basic board for owner’s horse(s) depending on the work option you are using.

Amenities include:

A mini Fridge

Tack area has saddle racks bridle/halter racks, you will need to supply a tack box, and lock

Large lighted riding ring

Lighted cross ties with mats for washing

4 horse stock trailer for rent $50 a day

4 mini jumps, a set of cones, 3 short- 1/2 barrels and a wooden swing gate to make a fun obstacle course.

Access to several nearby trails including camping and riding at the river

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